UPDATE – DEV CON, Plymouth 2015

Well DEV CON has come and gone and I have to say it was an absolutely fantastic event.. ..even the weather was good when queuing outside. This was also a really good opportunity to see the incredible amount of work and effort that had been put into peoples costumes.

The ticket prices were really reasonable at £3 for an individual and £10 for a family ticket; entry to the event was also quick and easy.

Dev Con 1

The COSPLAY was truly excellent and really exceeded my expectations as did the event itself. It was also really nice to see the appeal of the event in general, and the COSPLAY, across such a wide range of ages.

I was really surprised, and happy, to report that (for me) the event was even better than the MCM Comic Con I went to in Birmingham, earlier in the year.

Guildhall Balcony

DEV CON returns to the Plymouth Guildhall!

Although DEV CON is a far smaller event it was just as well organised and there seemed to be just as much on offer.. ..in fact I purchased quite a few items I have been trying to hunt down for a while now.

The layout of the event in the Guildhall, a really lovely venue, was excellent.. ..with only slight delays to get to see some things; amazing when you consider how many people were there.

It was really nice to catch up with some familiar faces from the various stores around Plymouth.. .. the range of action figures on offer, in particular, was just great.

There was a lovely friendly atmosphere to the event and every one seemed to be really happy and enjoying themselves.. ..this is a great fun event to take the kids to!

Towards the end of our day at DEV CON we also had nice, very reasonably priced, sandwiches and drinks from the ‘Marvel’ cafe.

As an extra bonus my ticket also gave me free entrance to the record fair that was being run downstairs.. ..whilst being a far more modest event than DEV CON there was a great selection of vinyl on offer for sale.

Would I go to DEV CON again? Try and stop me!

Dev Con 2

Dev Con 3

So what did I actually buy at DEV CON? A mint, boxed Doctor WhoVoc Robot‘ action figure, a ‘Doctor Who Annual‘ from 1980 (a copy of which I once owned as a child) and a great ‘30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy‘ action figure set.. ..reviews of all three to come soon!


The Pilgrim ‘Ghostbusters’!

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UPDATE – MCM Comic Con, Birmingham 2015

MCM ComicCon Birmingham Well I finally went to an MCM Comic Con!

I have been wanting to attend one of these events for a while now. I just happened to be going straight past the NEC last Sunday (22nd) on a work related trip, so I had no excuse not to go!

I thought the advanced ticket price was very reasonable at £10. I recommend this option; it makes getting in a doddle. I literally walked straight in, right passed a very long queue to purchase tickets on the day.

So did it live up to my expectations?.. ..largely, yes. I should make it clear that I am not really interested in meeting the stars, getting autographs etc., so this was certainly not a reason I attended. But they were there if you wanted to see them and I recognised most of the names.

The COSPLAY was really interesting to see and I was impressed to see how many people were involved in this. The UK Star Wars garrison was a particularly impressive sight; it felt like you were taking part in the film!

As you might have guessed by the nature of my blog I was far more interested in examining the collectibles and to my surprise and delight.. ..video games. I would not say I was overwhelmed by what was on offer, but I did manage to get a few items I had been looking for. I have an particular interest in horror film collectibles and there really wasn’t masses on offer. In addition, a lot of the Dr Who collectibles on offer were the more recent and easy to find ones.. ..I would say that was, for me, the most disappointing aspect of the event. There was lots there for sale, but only a small percentage was actually of interest to me, or could not be easily found cheaper elsewhere. I suppose this is the nature of these events, they cater more for the current trends and releases, so maybe I was expecting a bit too much. As one could imagine, there was a lot of focus on super heroes, Star Wars, Manga and Anime but not so much on the horror side of things.

Would I go again? Well, I doubt I would make a special trip.. ..but I did find the event enjoyable and as such I am keen to attend DEV CON, a local event which is taking place in the summer.

What collectibles did I actually purchase at Comic Con? Maybe more on that later…


The UK garrison at the MCM Comic Con, NEC Birmingham

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