Priory Collectors’ Set, (Underground Toys, 2013 ) – REVIEW

doctor who logo (small)OK, this is the big one, the action figure collection that a lot of Doctor Who fans had been waiting a long time for, based on one of the best Doctor Who serials ever made.

Yes, today we are going to be reviewing the epic ‘Priory Collectors’ Set’ from Underground Toys (manufactured by Character Options Ltd.).

Doctor Who aficionado’s won’t need to be told that this action figure collection is based on the excellent ‘Pyramids of Mars‘ serial, which featured the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. It was produced when the show was at the height of its Gothic era, under the excellent charge of Philip Hinchcliffe.

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Mangus Greel & Mr. Sin (Character Options, 2009) – REVIEW

doctor who logo (small)In this first of my Doctor who action figure reviews we are going to be looking at a rather special pack that was released in 2009 by Character Options. Why was it special? Well, a lot of action figure packs come with cool accessories, but this one has an entire character complimenting the main figure!

That’s right, we are going to be taking a look at ‘Mangus Greel and Mr. Sin‘ from the first wave of the Character Options Doctor Who classics series.

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