3D Monster Maze (J K Greye/New Generation, 1982) – RETROSPECTIVE

3D Monster Maze Title Narrow COMBO

I was initially going to review this game, but upon reflection there seemed to be very little point. The fact that you should get this game goes without saying. In fact, this game is a universally accepted classic. Is the game play good? Yes. Does it have replay value? Oodles – but this game is more than the sum of these typical attributes.. ..this game is something else, it arguably started an entire genre of video gaming.

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‘Mire Mare’ (Ultimate, unreleased) – RETROSPECTIVE

mire mare logo largeIn the first of what I hope will be one of many interesting retrospectives, we are going to be taking a fairly in depth look at Ultimate’s famous missing game, ‘Mire Mare’. A potentially great and eagerly awaited part of the ‘Sabreman’ series; unfortunately never released.

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