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This is a quick look at me prepping a ‘Dreamcast’ before adding it to my collection.

This is mainly to replace my original ‘Dreamcast’, which was not entirely mint and had started to ‘yellow’. I realise that I could have gone down the ‘Retr0bright’ route, but the new unit is in generally better condition, has a quieter laser mechanism and..’s winter here in the UK, so hard to ‘Retr0bright’ successfully. In addition, I sold my original ‘Dreamcast’ on soon after this video for the same price I paid for the unit in better condition.. cheaper than buying the bleach solution etc.

I have placed a warning on this video, I do not recommend or suggest that you dismantle and work on any electrical equipment without prior training. In particular, the PSU in game consoles can give a potentially fatal shock, even after the unit has been turned off for some time.

I hope you enjoy the video and please do comment and like, if you do.

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