‘Cookie’ loading on a real ZX Spectrum 128 – Retrollection YouTube

youtube logoA quick look at ‘Cookie‘ released by Ultimate in 1983 loading on a real ZX Spectrum 128 by Sinclair Research. Why not also take a look at my retrospective of the ‘ZX Microdrive‘?

Fair use‘Cookie’ and ‘Ultimate’ are registered trademarks, ‘Cookie’ ™ & © 1983 Rare Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Used under fair dealing and fair use for research and commentary purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. Please refer to the ‘Welcome to Retrollection‘ page for full terms and conditions.

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Video content © 2019 Retrollection.net. Sharing of content from this article is to be in accordance with the ‘Creative Commons‘ attributionnon-commercial and share-alike licence agreements.

Page layout, original text, images and design are © 2019 Dr Woody and Retrollection.net.You Tube Avatar


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