NEWS – Where are all the updates?

Firstly, a really big thank you to all of you that have visited my blog.

Question marks

I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of views the blog has received since I first started it back in March. I am now just short of 2,000 views from 718 people based in 44 countries, which is a fantastic response. I never thought I would have had as many people looking at, occasionally commenting on, my blog so early on into its life cycle. It is very humbling and I want you all to know that I am extremely grateful for your interest.

However, one thought that may have entered some of your minds lately is ‘Where are all the updates?’ Well, apologies for the scarcity of recent posts.. ..but I have been busy in the background..

..I really want to make Retrollection the place where people will prefer to visit for reviews, retrospectives and all round retro goodness. However, as you are no doubt aware, there are lots of alternatives.. to make this happen I have decided that I really need to additionally share my content via YouTube and Twitter. As such I have recently been spending time setting up content for distribution via those avenues, hence the lack of blog posts. Fear not, will keep going, but will be complimented by You Tube video content and Twitter feeds.

So in summary, please do keep coming back to for more exciting updates and why not also check out my Twitter and You Tube pages.

With very best wishes,

Dr Woody

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