Windows 10 is not Media Center friendly – NEWS

Windows 10 Logo

It has been announced this weekend that Windows Media Center will not be available or supported in Windows 10.

First there was this FAQ from a Microsoft Community article:

Is Media Center supported in Windows 10? No. Persons who need to use Media Center should consider carefully before upgrading from their previous version of Windows. The Windows 10 upgrade will automatically remove any installations of Media Center.

So what are the alternatives if I need Media Center? Your best option is to continue running your existing version of Windows with Media Center.

  • Windows 7 editions that include Media Center will continue to be supported until January 2020.
  • Windows 8 Pro with Media Center will continue to be supported until January 2023.

Then there was an article on ZDNet saying similar, quoting a senior Microsoft Executive source.

Finally, the preview build actually detects Media Center and gives you a stark warning.

No Media Center

This is really disappointing news for some, who still find Windows Media Center to be one of the best ways to stream content.

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