Frank (NECA, 2004) – REVIEW

NECA Hellraiser Logo

For my first action figure review I though I would dive straight in with one of the goriest I have in my collection

We are going to be looking at uncle ‘Frank‘ from ‘Hellraiser‘, released in 2004 by NECA.

Frank‘ is a very recent addition to my collection, which I managed to find at a reasonable price on the bay. He is getting quite hard to find now… …I got mine from a seller in Indianapolis and even with shipping and import taxes to the UK he was still much cheaper than those I have found for sale here in ‘Blighty‘.

Those of you familiar with the ‘Hellraiser‘ universe cannot fail to remember ‘good old uncle Frank‘, he was the brother of Larry Cotton, lover of Julia Cotton and Uncle to the heroine/protagonist Kirsty.

Frank sought untold pleasures by solving the Lament Configuration, but was instead ripped apart by the Cenobites.

The NECA action figure is based on his partially regenerated persona (excellently portrayed by Oliver Smith in the films) and includes his flick knife and a rat… …those ‘in the know’ will remember the scene well.

Frank MIB

The excellent blister pack and card packaging © NECA

This is what NECA have to say about him on the back of the card:

Only the most degraded of minds could imagine the depths that Frank sank to in his search for experience. It was not enough to take the innocence from Kirsty or the love from Julia. But it was his meeting with the Cenobites that proved too much, even for him. An audience that saw his senses taken beyond the limits and his skin taken as their trophy

Pretty cool, huh!

So what’s the figure like? In a word ‘awesome’, the sculpt is great with loads of detail… …bones, veins, and muscle all on gruesome display. The paint work on the figure is fantastic, with blood all over the place and a really glossy sheen in places.. ..the whole effect is a fantastic recreation of the film version. Not a figure for the faint hearted or for kids (there is an 18+ warning on the box).

Although I tend to keep my figures MIB, I do know from other reviews that articulation of the figure is OK, but rather limited from the shoulders down.

Frank Figure

The ‘Frank’ action figure and accessories

Apart from the knife and the rat (which are minuscule and very easy to lose) you also get two sides of ‘Leviathan‘ and its associated lighting unit. The figure is from series three of the NECA ‘Hellraiser‘ range and if you collect all four figures you have all the pieces to construct a large light up model of ‘Leviathan’, which includes a small diorama stand.

Other figures in NECA series three range included ‘The Bloodline Twins‘, ‘Female‘ and ‘Hell on Earth Pinhead‘. The figures are part of NECA’s ‘Reel Toys’ range.

Retrollection recommendation?

Would I recommend ‘Frank‘.. ..oh yeah, but keep him away from you those you love.. ..not one to be trusted!

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